About Us

A brief introduction to our company, mission and people.


HSP Group Ltd was founded in 1999 by Dr Saeed Pakdel in a city called Gorgan, famous for its natural resources, a perfect home for natural food ingredients. Inspired by the culture of fresh food, Dr Pakdel focused on developing vegetable based emulsifiers to improve the quality of baked goods whilst prolonging that quality and freshness.

These emulsifiers raised tremendous interest amongst cake and biscuit manufacturers as they could extend their product shelf-life without using chemical preservatives. This created a fantastic opportunity for these manufacturers to start exporting their baked products, most of whom we are still proudly in partnership with.

After our huge success in Gorgan, HSP Group extended their activities to provide these patented products to neighbouring countries including United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey etc.

In 2018, we stretched our territory to Europe, opening our first manufacturing unit in Hungerford, United Kingdom. We have been proudly serving British and European manufacturers and bakers ever since in addition to continuing our actities in Middle East.


“Production is considered to be the most important pillar for the ongoing progress and sustained development of any society. Undoubtedly, any attempts made to enhance national production leaves a precious legacy in the promotion of economic, cultural and social aspects of the country. Currently the owners of various industries, especially food emulsifier industries, are required to produce and supply products with high quality and durability in order to maintain and enhance their market. In doing so emulsifiers have been widely used in pharmaceutical and food industries and the like, mainly due to their significant practical benefits. Regarding the prevalence of various types of emulsifiers and the diversity of their applications, engineers and product designers can choose the type of emulsifier to best enhance their products. The vast variety of emulsifiers and the complexity of their practical applications have made it difficult to choose from the available options. Accordingly, attempts have been made to provide an overview of their applications and help with choosing the most appropriate type of emulsifier. The book is aimed at providing a good guide in choosing the most appropriate type of emulsifier for certain products and making an efficient use of them. It is also hoped that reading his book could be a huge step towards improving the quality and quantity of national products and ultimately promoting the level of exports and meanwhile developing the country.”