Mono-Gel™ is a premium range of cake gels that produce beautiful looking cakes with high volume and improved freshness. The range also ensures a reliable production and consistent baking quality. Used worldwide for many decades, the range continues to give impressive results.

This is a mixture of various emulsifiers in the form of a gel. The monoglycerides in this product are in alpha form where their alpha crystal has been reinforced by other emulsifiers and stabilisers and will assist the mixture of air and dough as well as the diffusion and arrangement of air molecules.

During the baking process, the monoglycerides in this gel make a complex with the starch and lessen staling during the maintenance period.

  • Increasing cake volume
  • Making a small and regular texture in the final product
  • Increasing stability time as a result of increasing softness and freshness of the product.
  • Reducing the time of mixing raw materials to produce dough
  • Better release of taste
  • Evenness of final product
  • Consumable in various kinds of cake with differing amounts of oil