Egg is one of the most consumed ingredients in food industries around the world.  The egg however, suffers from a very short life which is a problem for production and storage. In addition, using eggs in the food industry is time-consuming as they need to be washed, disinfected then broken.  For this reason experts change eggs into egg powder which enables longer storage time of up to one year.  This however, leads to some issues such as the decrease of emulsifying and foaming and the destruction of the rheological feature of the egg.

Considering all the above-mentioned issues, Emultive’s founder, Dr. Pakdel, invented the EGG-GEL™ product. EGG-GEL™ not only has a long storage life but also increases the shelf life of the food in which it is used.  In addition to being a very economical substance, it keeps the rheological feature of the egg. Furthermore, as it is has a very long shelf-life, it can be exported to remote, warm countries such as Africa that lack advanced food storage facilities.