Emultive Freshness™ is a range of powerful shelf-life improvers in liquid form that keep cakes fresh and make them safe against mould. With fine quality, long-lasting freshness and delicious flavour in mind, this range satisfies high consumer expectations.

The product has a freshness enhancer which means that you don’t need to reduce liquid content. Emultive Freshness protects cakes from mould without the need to decrease water activity.

Since Freshness™ is a strong humectant it is used in the production of various kinds of cakes and muffins in order to enhance durability and create freshness.

Polyols used in our Freshness noticeably enhances the freshness, lightness and moisture of the final product due to their humectant properties. Freshness also minimises dryness and cracking of the products.

The new generation of Emultive Liquid Freshness is a multi-action emulsion, which, in addition to increasing the freshness and durability of your products by several times, no longer requires reducing the water activity to reduce the growth of mould in the product, and guarantees the freshness and durability of your products for a whole year.