Our vegetable derived combinational enzyme additives help in improving the texture and taste of biscuits on baking. In addition the cracking of biscuits during production is greatly reduced. Emultive’s BISCO-GEL™ is a mixture of different emulsifiers which are in the form of an off white gel.

The advantages of BISCO-GEL:

  • It helps preserve moisture in the product reducing staling
  • Increases freshness and shelf-life of the product
  • It is possible to reduce oil in production benefitting the dough
  • Reduces dough resistance in hard biscuits
  • Improves quality of flavour and taste and enhances crispness
  • Prevents biscuits from cracking before baking
  • Prevents reduced volume
  • Prevents greasiness and unfavourable taste during storage
  • Reduces promotion of gluten mesh in soft biscuits
  • Ensures anti-blooming of products