Emultive Softness™ is a range of cake improvers that produce cakes with a fresh and soft feeling, lasting from the day of baking until the very last bite. They also simplify baking by quickly distributing functional ingredients into the batter. The range helps you create softer, more indulgent products.

Emultive Softness™ is an all-vegetable based emulsifier designed for use in all cake batters. Emultive Softness increases softness, volume, moistness and shelf-life. Finished products have excellent volume and a fine grain structure. Gives maximum volume possible. Stops shrinkage after baking.

When using Emultive Softness™, fat and egg content can be reduced and water increased – dependent on each recipe. Quality is enhanced by improved softness and freshness. The outcome is a cake with a remarkable eating experience at a reduced baking cost.